Subcategory Events

Code Jam

Details : A coding event targeted towards the students of 1st and 2nd year to give them a taste of competitive coding. The event will be hosted on Hackerrank.

Cipher Charades

Details : Event is divided into 3 rounds. Round 1 will be an aptitude test with a twist (the questions of every round were interconnected, i.e. the answer of the previous question was necessary to solve the subsequent question), round 2 will be a pen and paper based event which required contestants to use their deduction and logic to decipher text from the given information and round 3 will be a combination of dumb charades and competitive coding.

ML Run

Details :The participants would be given a train dataset pertaining to a problem. The one who can train a model and get the prediction on an unknown input wins the contest.

Code Run

Details :A coding-based event which amalgamates coding, encryption and clue hunt together in a nutshell. The event shall proceed in 2 rounds, first being elimination round testing the basic coding and encryption knowledge of the participants and the second being final round where the participants will have to search for the clues in the campus which they will have to decrypt to find the answer to the asked question whose successful completion will lead them to solve a coding question.


Details :A competitive coding event targeted for students of 2nd and 3rd year. It will have two rounds. The first round will be an offline pen paper selection round. The second round will be an online coding round, where the participant needs to solve the given problems in the language of their choice. The contest will take place on hackerrank.
Duration : 2 hrs 30 mins
Venue : N506 (tentative)

Tech Hunt

Details :Tech Hunt is basically a technical Treasure hunt, there will be clues given and these will lead the participants to different places in the university. The fastest to complete the hunt Wins! The clues will be technological i.e. code, algorithms, etc. which needs to be solved amongst the team of 4 people.

   Nirma University