Subcategory Events

Trade War

About the Event : A competitive event based on the stock market where participants will be given the basic introduction to working and mechanisms of the share market, with the knowledge of which they'll have to use the resources given to them in the best possible way to maximize their values and holdings. The winner will be the one that ends up with maximum value of shares using the best strategy.

Venue : D - Block(D313)

Graphic Designing

About the Event :
Participants will be taught software based 3-D modelling after which they'll compete with each other to come up with the best design for the given task at the day of the event.

Venue : A - Block(A104)

Treasure Hunt

About the Event :
The titular theme based treasure hunt in which participants will have to solve clues and find special objects around the campus premises.

Venue : - Block(D202,203), Dome Ground

Nerd Quiz

About the Event : Pop Quiz based in DCEU, MCU and comic books from the same universe.

Venue : D - Block(D313)


About the Event : Basically By this event we wanted to develop awareness about the defence technologies used across the world by the armies including India. The students will be briefed about the Different Missiles and anti ballistic missiles developed by the different countries. And also we will brief about the manufacturing process basic overview. Operation of the whole basic defence system of Anti ballistic missile and different parts of technology including signal processing, Space tracking and surveillance system, radar technology, use and operation of Quadcopters , as well basic coding and simulation on normal prototype circuit which can be used in between The process of a ballistic missile’s operation. Students will be given guidance to contribute through a technical mind we have and we will try to motivate to do projects related to defense applications which at last can be represented to Indian Defense And Research Development Organization. At the end the student will be given a problem statement and a small circuit to solve using simulation and coding. The best idea will be given First price and The best circuit will be given second price and according certificate and price will be given.

Venue :
Duration : 4 hour


About the Event : This event is to give students the knowledge of different electric based defence equipment used by the army or by the police. We will give The basic Idea of shock machine manufacturing, operation and applications. Also given the knowledge of the electric fines used at boarders and what knew ideas can be implemented. The third portion will be the use of different new technologies at rock climbing vehicles used for defence and upcoming new projects Implemented for the same ultimately this new vehicles can be used at high altitude for India . Then we will give Students a indd of problem statement and they will require to give their solution ideas. And the best idea will be given the price and winning certificate.

Venue : Ph-Audi
Duration : 2 Hour

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