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Blockchain (Daxeel Soni)

Details : A one-day workshop on blockchain technology. This workshop is to be dedicated on basics of blockchain, which is the underlying technology for secure distributed storage systems. Also, it is the driving force behind crypto currency.

Molecular Simulation

Details : Molecular simulation is a less explored topic in India, although globally it has garnered special attention. It is not only useful to visualise newly discovered molecules along with its molecular parameters, but also to determine and visualise the reaction progress frame by frame on the screen. Also, bond parameters are now being used to accurately determine the interactions between molecules and other properties.
We wish to probe through the unending depths of this field and possibly stir an interest into more minds. We are organising a 2 days’ workshop on "Basics of molecular simulation using VMD" in Nirma University on 1 & 2 November, 2018.
Be it a researcher, a student, a beginner or an expert, it will help every professional by reducing his/her efforts to carry out various analyses to determine structure of a substance encountered in his/her process.
Various features like electron mapping, bond angle determination, bond length determination, etc. can be done. Moreover, broad application in visualizing filtration through carbon nanotubes will be discussed along with basic principle behind this software.
By the end of this session it will have opened a new realm of research for interested minds.

GIS and Remote Sensin

Details : A brief overview of how data sets acquired from satellites can be used for various applications and using geographical information system (GIS) for generation of spatial datasets. Introduction to various tools and techniques of QGIS software and exploring various concepts of GIS.

Zero to Hero: Python

Details : A one-day workshop on basics of Python. Python is interpreted programming language which is being used by the developers worldwide to develop various things like websites, machine learning algorithms, game development and also simplifying and automating day to day tasks. The workshop is aimed to benefit students from all the branches.


Details : An IOT workshop which will leave participants with enough knowledge to be able to interconnect smart devices in and around their homes and workplaces with something as simple as a light or fan switch using Arduino and wireless control.
Venue : A208(A-Block)


(Technical traffic light control; Software Used-Tinkercad)
Details :
This workshop is based on the Basic fundamental knowledge for simulation of any small circuit and giving the challenging task for the formation of a big circuit.
This will require basic and thorough understanding of the c programming and logic development and problem solving attitude. The event mainly focus on developing a spark within participants for the development of big project and taking initiative in innovation.
Flow of the event will start from giving brief of the software and starting from formation basic circuit and ending with the typical big circuit for traffic light control and will require good knowledge of Arduino as well.
We will give challenging circuit to form to the participants that will provide required steps to reach the final circuit of the technical traffic light control.
The final circuit contain use of more than two advanced microcontroller and synchronizing them to full fill the final requirement and form the final circuit of the workshop.
Venue : A208(A-Block)

Image Processing (Prof. Harsh Kapadia)

Details : This workshop will focus on the basic image processing techniques on Open-CV python.

EC Workshop

Details : A Workshop based on IOT/MACHINE LEARNING/AI/Cloud computing.
Duration : All Day
Venue : Any Audi/ PG Seminar Hall


Details : A one-day workshop on all the basic components of an automobile giving insights into the suspension, drive train, wheel assembly and chassis design through interactive and practical session. For better understanding of the concepts and real-life applications students will be shown a cut section of Maruti OMNI and will also interact with the SAE BAJA Team who would demonstrate their ATV and provide them with some basic insights. To make it a two-way interaction a small quiz will also be arranged.


Details : The famous astronomy club ‘BRAHMAND’ will be demonstrating about making telescope and the software- ‘STELLARIUM’. The participants will be provided kits to make telescope of their own. The kits will be taken back after the workshop. Participants should bring their own laptops.


Details : A one-day workshop on basic knowledge and insight about the tools of solidworks which will be helpful to improve the designing skills, resume training or design modelling.

IIOT Workshop

Details : This is going to be focused mainly on the recent trends of IoT and IIoT. The expert is a highly skilled professional in IoT who is running his firm in Bangalore.

Robo Sapiens

Details : Robo kits will be provided to develop a small interactive robot that would be compact and can be assembled in the specified timeframe.

Machine Learning with Python

Details :

   Nirma University