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plot the plot

Details : This Event is about Surveying. In this event, There will be total 3 rounds. 1st round will be general quiz on Surveying. In 1st round question will ask from all basic concepts ofsurveying, instruments, etc. Than 2nd round will be of calculating RL (reduced level) of givendifferent points (max 5 points) by centering and leveling theodolite. After completion of 2ndround few teams will be promoted to 3rd and final round. Final round will be of markingexcavation line of given plan as per given time. (will give plan of load bearing structure.)Judging of 1st round would be (+1) for correct answer and (-0.5) for wrong answer. Than judgingof 2nd and 3rd round would be done based on Time taken to complete the task and accuracy.
Team of 4

absolute H2O

Details : This event is about making Filter using given material. A waste water sample will be provided to every group. They will have to prepare a filter using given materials like sand, graval, charcoal etc. A bottle will be provided to each group. Water will be collected from outlet and volume will be noted down for particular interval of time. Turbidity of collected sample will be calculated. Judgment will be given based on turbidity of filtered water, number of filter used & collected discharge from given time.
Team of 3


Details : This event is based on whole civil engineering This event has 3 rounds. 1st round is General Quiz related to various Civil Engineering Subjects like Survey, Geo-technology, Building Construction etc. would be prepared. 30 M.C.Q would be asked, 3marks would be for each correct answer and -1 for wrong answer and 0.0marks for not attempting the question.
Sixteen teams would be selected out of them, will go in second round. 2nd round consist in two parts.
Part 1: - Design Bridge by ice Cream sticks of given specifications. Part 2:- Designing of building of given specification. Judging of part 1 is based on load carrying capacity of bridge & judging of
part 2 is Design criteria as per by laws vastu sastra and other requirements of building designing. Selected team will be go to final round of this mega event. 3rd round is Personal Interview would be taken by panel for the 6 selected teams and finally 1 team would be selected as winning team. Team of 3

civil hunt

Details : Civil Treasure Hunt Find the Treasure by clues. Clues will be connected with civil engineering by somehow.

the big construction theory

Details : This Event is based on arranging the steps of given process in order to its correct position in minimum time. There will be Two Round. 1st round is arranging the blocks. Selectedteams from 1st round will be go to the 2nd round. 2nd round will be same as 1st but level is increased compare to 1st. Processes will ask from basic civil engineering like process of cement manufacturing (dry, wet), tendering, construction activity etc.
Team of 2

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