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Details : Round 1:
->Two robots will fight with each other for 3 minutes.
-> If one robot is fallen out in the hole or dragged out of the arena by another robot then, that second robot will be selected for further rounds.
-> Lost robots may be given WILDCARD entry in the second round.
Round 2:
-> Two robots have to fight with each other.
-> According to number of attack by each team points will be allocated.
-> If any team will make opponent team inactive more than 20 seconds then, that team will earn extra bonus points.
-> Points rules will be declared at the time of the event.
Round 3:
-> Round 3 will be declared on the time of event.
Team of 4
-> At the start of a match the robot must fit into a square box of side 50 cm, with no height limitation. The design to stretch a robot's body or its parts shall be allowed after a match has started, but must remain a single centralized robot.
-> The robot must weigh 50 KG (excluding the controls/wires) or less.
Robot Classes:
-> Remote Controlled or Manual (Wired Control).
Power Specifications:
-> The robot must be self-powered, i.e., power supply must be on-board. AC power supply will not be provided, except for charging your batteries (in the breaks only).
No limit for power supply.

robo race

Details : RULES:
Dimensions: MAX. 30*30*30 cm (any l b h) (Corresponding to Arena)
Voltage of Battery: MAX. 12 V
Point system:
-> There are around 15 difficulties and 15 different checkpoints having different points in the range of 5 to 25.
-> Total points of difficulties - Z
-> In addition, we have decided one time constant (T sec) which is ideal for any run.
-> If you are taking x sec to complete the arena, then
-> Bonus points will be =(T/Z)*(T – x);
i.e, Total points are 200. And ideal timing is 100 sec. And if participant completes it in 90 sec, then (10/2) =5 will be the bonus points.
-> So total points earned = (Points you gained by overcoming difficulties) + Bonus Points.
Whoever is having highest points will be declared winner.
No points will be given based on design.
Skip and Technical Timeouts:
-> If your bot cannot overcome any of the difficulties then you can skip it.
-> Total 2 skips are allowed.
-> In 1st skip there will be no minus points but for the 2nd skip points will be deducted.
-> Total 2 technical timeouts are there. Each timeout is having 30 secs.
-> Total 3 hand touches are allowed.
->In skips and technical timeout, there is no time penalty but in hand-touches time
penalty is there. In any of the hand-touch, time penalty is up to the participant that how much fast he/she can use the hand touch.
NOTE: There will be difficulty in which the bot has to pass through/above a bath of water, so arrangements to protect the circuits and bot must be there.
If you find any difficulty in understanding the rules. Please contact:
Nikunj Patel,
Mobile Number: 9157773810 E-mail ID:

water rocket

Details : Description
A 1 litre bottle rocket with certain amount of water in it that has to be launched by actuating a foot pump.
Participants have to come with their rocket-model.
-> Rocket need to be manufactured before the event by the participants on their own.
-> “STAND FOR LAUNCHING THE ROCKET” need to be prepared by participants.
Judging Criteria
->Round 1 : 20 Points ( points would be given based on the design of the rocket)
-> Round 2: 40 Points ( based on the length covered)
-> Round 3: 40 Points ( based on the length covered)
(round 2 & 3 both would measure the ability to travel length, but two rounds are kept to check the consistency)
-> A 1 litre bottle (soft drink) rocket with certain amount of water in it that has to be launched by actuating a foot pump and compressing the fluid inside bottle.
-> Based on the max length covered upon firing winner will be decided.
-> The rocket should have the ability to be fired at different angles.
-> Pressure limit 80 psi& design should withstand the applied pressure
-> You have to manufacture the water rocket before the event on your own.
-> Also, the “STAND FOR LAUNCHING THE ROCKET” need to be prepared by you. The height of the stand should be less than 0.75m
-> Pump would be provided by us. However, it is recommended that if it is possible bring your own pump.

aeromobile quiz

Details : A 2-stage quiz to test general knowledge in the fields of aerospace and automobile

   Nirma University