Subcategory Events

tech hunt

Details : Team event of 4.
There will be clues given and these will lead them to different places in the university. The fastest to complete the hunt wins! The clues will be technological i.e code, algorithms etc.

web designing

Details : This event will check the web designing abilities of the students and how well they can work at front end in a web development project.
Specifications :
2 rounds - total of 2 hours (approx.)
Round 1 : Participants will be given an image of a web page and they will have to create it using HTML and CSS ( approx. 45 mins )
Shortlisted: 20 participants
Round 2: Shortlisted participants will have to design an interactive web page on topic of their own choice using HTML, CSS and JavaScript ( approx. 1 hour )


Details : An intriguing and intuitive event that involves exploiting the vulnerabilities and deciphering the code in encrypted systems and real-life scenarios. This sprint of neurons and adrenaline rush is sure to leave you elated when you crack the code before the clock runs out. Do you have what it takes to be 'THE HACKER’ ? Time to find out !
Specifications :
2 rounds - total of 2 hours (approx.)
Round A : The Rookie Round - Participants must go through a paper quiz that involves a certain mix of questions related to encryption and code. Top 12 move onto the next round. ( approx. 30 min )
Round B : The Black Hat Round - The selected participants are grouped into 4 teams and they are presented with a complex and comprehensive system description. The teams are supposed to come up with an action plan to hack into the system and first team to steal the ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ wins. ( approx. 1 hour )

code jam

Details : A low-level coding event organized on an online platform where participants can code in any language of their choice. The topics included will be of very easy to solve. The participant will be self-dependent i.e. there will be no team.


Details : There will be two rounds-one eliminations round and the finals. The event will consist of 5-6 questions testing the advanced programming concepts along with along implementation techniques.
This will be an individual event.
RULES: The first few percent of the eliminations will be selected on the basis of the total participation strength. The final decision will be on the hands of the judges for checking the plagiarism of the code and any cheating cases.

jigsaw puzzle

Details : There will be 9 puzzles in the event. All the coders will get a key to one piece for each successful completion of the question. Depending upon the difficulty level, the pieces will be rated corresponding to it. This event will aim to develop participant’s coding ability, puzzle solving ability to decode the final puzzle and quick thinking in the process. The final puzzle may also test participant’s IQ and quizzing abilities.
There can be a team of maximum 2 participants.
The fastest to solve the final puzzle after completing 9 puzzle pieces will win. In case of a rare tie, there will be a tie breaker round similar to the final puzzle. The final decision will be on the hands of the judges for checking the plagiarism of the code and any cheating cases.

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