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Smart seed-sower and fertilizer dispenser

Details : Problem Statement 1:
i. Develop a prototype to automate seed sowing and fertilizer dispersion.
ii. Solution should be cost effective
iii. Evaluation will be based on design, novelty and viability

Human centric design for “Divyang” person

Details : Problem Statement 2:
i. Identify a problem in their day to day life
ii. Develop a prototype to solve the problem
iii. Evaluation will be based on effectiveness, design and feasibility

Saline water to potable water using solar power

Details : Problem Statement 3:
i. Affordable and efficient water purifier
ii. It should be able to produce 1 Litre of water on a sunny day
iii. Evaluation will be based on ease of use and suitability for water scarce regions.

Get a chance to intern at “SRISTI UNICEF Summer School on Inclusive Innovation” organized by National Innovation Foundation(NIF)

   Nirma University