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networking security & ethical hacking

Details : A one-day workshop on the Ethical Hacking. This workshop is to be dedicated on Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation. Computer Forensics is a detailed and scientific study, research and implementation of computer science subjects for the purpose of gathering digital evidence in cases of cyber-crimes or for other scientific research purposes also it introduces the needs of the current cyber security sector.
Trained & known professionals will be conducting the workshop and will start from the basics so that a layman can also learn and all kind of queries will be solved by the professional itself.
Workshop Registration fee: 600/-per participant.

deep learning

Details : Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence.
This workshop will be extremely beneficial for students as they will get acquainted with a novel and an emerging field in computer science. The specifications of this workshop are as follows.
Time duration: 6 hrs.
Approximate students: 120
Fee per student: Rs.700
1) Acquaintance with any programming language preferably python.
2) Deep Learning tools installed (IDE, libraries etc. as specified by the instructor).

drone workshop

Details : A two day workshop on how to code the drones using different API and how to develop the algorithms for the Pluto V3 drone. Starting with assembly and ending the same at all the coding with software and showing the flight of the drone. No take away kits will be given (Software to be given to each participant).
At end of workshop they will be able to code a drone and fly it. Also they will be able to know the very basics and essence of the drone making and flying.
Price: Rs.500 / person

smart city building using IOT workshop

Details : A workshop solely based on the concept of smart city development and how the wireless and wired sensor networks integrate with each other to give the best output and how to data is acquired how its processed and analyzed later to get the best outputs.
A small kit can be given in group of 5 people.
Price: 800 Rs/person.

bulilding the chatbot

Details : This is workshop based on building chatbots using open-source software.Students will get to know how to build their own algorithms using machine learning or deep learning tools (if time permits).

resume maker

Details : A resume building workshop for amateurs by experts. Participants will be acknowledged about how to make resumes that can cast the best image of an individual. The software platform used for this purpose would be enhanCV & Canva.

automobile workshop

Details : A one-day workshop on all the basic components of an automobile giving insights into the suspension, drive train, wheel assembly and chasis design through interactive and practical session. For better understanding of the concepts and real life applications students will be shown a cut section of Maruti OMNI and will also interact with the SAE BAJA Team who would demonstrate their ATV and provide them with some basic insights. To make it a twoway interaction a small quiz will also be arranged.

aerospace workshop

Details : A one-day workshop on the basics of Aero-modelling, stability analysis and high-lift devices will be conducted by Team Arrow which will also include the Introduction to analysis of flow and basic knowledge for the selection of electronics (i.e Propeller, Motor, ESC, Servomotor etc). The session will end with the demonstration of UAV(Unarmed Aerial Vehicle).

design of concrete mix study as per IS:10262-2009

Details : There will be different types of concrete mix design taught to you by experts and if time permits then casting of concrete will be taught to you of your mix design

reinforcement detailing & practice

Details : There will be basic reinforcement detailing used on practice and binding.

advanced excel workshop

Details : Objective: To explore Microsoft Excel
About the Workshop: Microsoft Excel is in great demand in industries. All calculations are generally done by Excel. Even though Excel has a host of various functions, a lot of people are generally unaware about its features. This workshop is aimed at removing all barriers to Excel and making all the participants aware about the various features that Microsoft Excel has to offer. A one-day workshop. Participants are requested to bring their laptops. The workshop would include features such as:
-> Tables and Formatting
-> Conditional Formatting
-> Advanced Charting
-> Pivot Tables
-> Macros Etc.
Expected Expert: Prof Milind Joshipura

PCB Designing workshop

Details : Basic PCB designing would be taught to the participants where a kit will be provided per team which would be taken by them after the workshop.
Requirements- At least 1 laptop per team and each team should carry at least 1 pen drive as software would be provided to the team for the conduction of workshop.
Participation: A team of 2
Event Venue: D Block
Fees- 500 Rs per team (+200 Rs for extra kit)


Details : Basic light following robot will be taught to students. A kit will be provided per team which will belong to them after the workshop
Participation: A team of maximum 4
Event Venue: D block
Fees- 1200 Rs per team (+800 Rs extra kit)

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