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Details : Objective: To test the design of the car with other competitors and to improve the efficiency and the design
About the Event: In this event the participants compete by building cars which solely run on chemical reactions. Here the cars do not run on mechanical principles. The participants are required to bring their pre-build cars to the event. Time would not be given for any team to build the car during the event.
No of participants: 2 per team


Details : Objective: To test the basic concepts of chemistry and chemical engineering
About the Event: This event is conducted in 2 rounds. The 1st round is a pen paper round where the participants are supposed to answer multiple choice questions in the given time. The 2nd round is like Charades but with a chemical twist. One member world be given an element and the other member has to guess the element.
No of participants: 2 per team

chemical housie

Details : Objective: To test the clarity of concepts related to chemistry
About the Event: This is the typical housie game where each participant would be given a housie card. Then a number would be called out, and if the participant has the number in his/her card, he/she would fold the number. The only twist is that the number called out would be in form of a question which a numerical answer. The number to be folded would the numerical value.
No of participants: 1


Details : Objective: To put the theoretical concepts into practical use
About the Event: In this event the participants are supposed to make soap in the college premises.They are prepared by saponification process. Participants should have to make soap by minimizing the use of chemicals by making soap from natural products like color, fragrance, additives etc. This is a 2 day event and sufficient time would be given to dry the product. The participants are supposed to bring the oil, fragrance, colour, additives etc. The organizers would provide NaOH, beakers etc.
Judging Criteria: The judging would be done based on both physical appearance, chemical properties and natural materials involved.
No of participants: 3 per team

industrial safety experience

Details : Objective: To make the participants realize how to cope with problems in the industry.
About the Event: This event is aimed at giving the participants a first-hand experience of how to deal with problems arising in an industry. The 4 members would divide roles amongst them such as CEO, Safety Manager etc. Each team would be given a safety issue or incident.
The participants must make a complete analysis of the problem and give suggestions to prevent the same. The participants are allowed to use the internet for this particular event. This would be followed by a viva session by the panel.
No of participants: 4 per team

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